Science and Spirituality hand in hand...




Balogh Béla

Head of Operations:

Phone: 06 (30) 612-9727

He is a construction engineer specialised in bridges by his original profession, however, he has built up an even better reputation as an author. Several hundreds of thousends readers have been interested in his books titled The Ultimate Reality and The Ten Commandments of Our Subconscious. Furthermore, millions of people have been listening to the audio recordings made to supplement his books.Spirituality is revealed to the readers by him  in complete alignment with modern scientific achievements in a way that one does not feel pushed to believe anything, nevertheless even the most restless mind demanding logical answers is calmed down as it understands the coherence. One can say “the jig-saw pieces fall into place”. We must note however, that succesfull meditation greatly depends on peace of mind, more to the point this is its basic condition.


Gulyás Márta Registrations to take part in meditations:



She represents the most loving and tolerant feminine energy. She keeps contact with people wanting to participate in meditations.

Molnár Erika People seeking help:


She is a dynamic, full of heart and joyful lady who participates in all sorts of tasks during our daily operation. She does not know the word exhaustion. She keeps contact with people asking for our assistance.


He is a dental technician by trade who possesses a thorough education regarding spiritual assistance. He is eager to share his knowledge with all our enthusiastic members.


Contact address: 2081 Piliscsaba, Bérc street or Panoráma street 15.

Getting there:

By car: Take Road 10 to Templom tér (Church square), Piliscsaba, then turn left towards Tinnye, Perbál, after that turn right after approx. 1,3 km to Dreamvalley (Álomvölgy)

From M1 motorway: At the Zsámbék exit Zsámbék-Tök-Perbál-Tinnye-Piliscsaba. Turn left after the signpost „Üdvözöljük Piliscsabán” (Welcome to Piliscsaba – sign difficult to spot) towards Dreamvalley.


By train: Trains from Nyugati Railway station to Piliscsaba Railway station 40’. From then on we shall pick you up if we can – please give us a call upfront.

By bus: Buses No 800 and 801 from the bus station at the Pest end of Árpád bridge to Piliscsaba „Iskola” bus stop. From then on you may walk or we can pick you up if we can. It is also subject to our availability.

Parking: In the inside parking lot of Dreamvalley Meditation Centre in Bérc street, or just outside our main gate.